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This mod provides extra blocks with a cathedral theme.  Many of which are chiselable.



Notice: Requires Chisel!



  • Stylish stone railing of various* materials.
  • Gargoyles of various* stone materials.
  • Cathedral style pillars of various* materials.
  • Basalt variations(Chiselable).
  • Dwarven style fortress blocks(Chiselable).
  • Dwarven metal bars(Chiselable).
  • Dwarven doors 1x2 and 1x3 in size.
  • Colorful CTM stained glass blocks(Chiselable).
  • Climbable chains of various metals(Iron, Gold, Dwarven, Copper, Bronze, Silver, Enderium)
  • 16 colors + natural terracotta roofing material made by firing clay tiles.
  • A few extra Chisel block variations for stone and endstone(Chiselable).

*13 various materials include stone, sandstone, red sandstone, obsidian, nether brick, quartz, endstone, packed ice, snow, marble, limestone, basalt, and dwarven.


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