Castia Inventory Tools

1,007 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 18, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This mod is for CastiaMC players only, it will correctly work only on this server.


This mod highlight different tiers of items in your inventory and other containers, including InventoryHUD+ mod


Also this mod adds some inventory tools:

    Keybind for (you can change it in controls options) :

        "/craft" ('C' by default)

        "/ec" ('R' by default)

        "/trash" (not assigned by default)

        "/pv ?" ('NUM_0' by default, is opening last closed private vault)

        "/bp" ('NUM_DECIMAL' by default)

        "/salvgui" ('N' by default)

        "/h home" ('H' by default)

        "/back" ('B' by default)

        Also you can open Castia Inventory Tools config screen with keybind, but it is not assigned by default.


    New gui buttons for fast switch between different containers, even between Private Vaults (You can turn them on/off in Castian Inventory Tools config screen).






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