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This mod will add RPG styled compass to your gui with mobs, players and waypoints!



You can configure almost everything in config menu! ('P' button by default) Enjoy!


Explanation for settings: 

Show Mode: You can change show mode of advanced compass. with ALWAYS_ON you will able to see advanced compass all the time, with MAIN_HAND you will be able to see advanced compass only if you have vanilla compass item in your hand, with BOTH_HAND same as previous but for both hands, with ANY_SLOT you just have to have vanilla compass item anywhere in your inventory to be able to see advanced compass, and with OFF you will just toggle advanced compass off.

Show Coordinates: You can turn on/off coordinates below or above your advanced compass.

Coordinates Scale: You can change coordinates font scale from x0.5 to x2.

Compass Width: Just advanced compass width.

Compass Height: Advanced Compass background height, from 8 to 50.

Icon Scale: Mobs/players/waypoint icon scale for x0.5 to x2.

Icon Generation Type: You can change generation type. This field will affect only modded mobs, vanilla mobs have their own pregenerated icons. With HEAD_FIRST mod will try to generate icon based on mob's head, if mod can't do it, it will go to next step, with FULL_BODY mod will skip head based generation and will try to generate icon based on body, and with OFF mod won't generate any icons and will use pregenerated zombie icon for hostile mobs and pig icon for neutral mobs. If you are using HEAD_FIRST or FULL_BODY but mod can't generate any icon, it will also use default pregenerated icons.

Y Offset: Offset from top edge of the screen, from 0 to 50.

Distance: You can change maximum distance to an entity to show it on Advanced Compass, it doesn't override your render distance, so if you are not able to see an entity that far in game, you will not see it on Advanced Compass.

Group Distance: Maximum distance between entities to merge them into groups. (More explanation about groups below)

View Angle: Angle of view which will fit in your Advanced Compass. Example: You set it to 90, now all mobs/players/waypoints which are at 90 degrees angle of your view will fit perfectly on Advanced compass, so the left edge is 45 degrees left of you and the right edge is 45 degrees right of you.

Angle threshold: A bit complicated setting, it will cut off icons if angle between your view and icons is more than assigned value. For example, you have view angle (previous setting) 90 and angle threshold 45, when you see on mob icon will be in the middle of the compass, while you are turning to the left/right it will move to the left/right edge and as we learned in previous setting it will reach edge when angle between you and mob is 45, if you will keep turning left/right icon will disappear because you set angle threshold to 45, and angle between you and mob is high now, but if you set angle threshold to higher value, icon will keep staying on left/right edge until angle will reach value you have set for angle threshold. With value 180 icons will not disappear at all, because it is maximum angle between you and mob/player/waypoint.

Group Entities: You can turn on/off grouping. If it is turned on, mobs with the same type will merge into groups and now will have one icon for group. For example: somewhere in front of you spawned 3 zombies, with toggled off grouping you will see 3 icons on Advanced Compass, but with turned on grouping if zombies close enough to each other you will see only one icon somewhere between them.

Move Bossbar: You can turn it on and it will move vanilla bossbar below Advanced Compass. If you are using modded bossbar and it works wrong, turn this thing off.

Show Distance: You can turn on/off distance below icons.

Show Players: You can turn on/off icons for players. Mod will try to recognize if it is a real player or NPC, sometimes mod can't do it and then it will use this setting for NPC as well, but in other cases you can turn on/off NPC icons in Entity List and switch player setting there.

Hide Behind: Hide mob icons if they are behind blocks.

Hide Overlapped: If you turn it on, overlapped icons will be hidden and you will see only the top one. For example right in front of you 3 mobs on different distance and with slightly different angle, if your turned on this setting you will see icon of only mob which is closer to you, but if you turned it off you will see part of other icons under it as well, sometimes it can be messy so I recommend to keep this setting on.

Overlap Threshold: With how many pixels should one icon overlap another to hide it.

Death Waypoint: Turn on/off auto creating waypoints on death.




rendering with debug mode setting

rendering with player list setting

show entities setting

show waypoints setting

new keybinds


1.2.8: forge: xaero's minimap support


(fabric)Fixed issue with NullPointerException coused by some other mod with weird code injections

(forge) Fixed issue when "Show players" settings were not loading right


fixed issue with loading resource packs


Added setting to hide mobs if they are behind blocks


Waypoints from other mods now are showing on compass
Added angle threshold setting for waypoints


Fixed issue when config file doesn't save for non-vanilla mobs


Fixed some lang issues


Fixed issue #10 By brittank88_
Added option in config to change icon generation type
In entity list you can now regenerate icons for modded mobs (only if you entered in entity list from game, doesn't work if you did it from main menu)


Fixed critical issue


minor fixes


Algorithm of creating icons was slightly modified
Fixed issue when you can't save min distance for waypoints
Added coordinates
Added possibility to change size
Added different ways to toggle gui
Added update notification


Fixed issue (#3 By globensky and #5 By bstylia14) due illegal charater in path.
Fixed issue #4 By FudjySludge
Fixed other small issues



Free to use in modpacks and other content (video, streams)