Carpet Stairs Mod


This mod allows for carpets to be placed and conform to the shape of staircase blocks, as well as onto slab blocks. Wood styled carpets blocks called "Floor Blocks" can be crafted from two slab blocks.

Carets/Floors can be attached onto the top of staircase blocks in two parts. The first use places carpet/floors on the top of stair blocks, the send use places the carpet/floor blocks on the front sides of the block.


 This mod requires forge to run.


Wood Floor are crafted with three slabs of the same type and provides nine wood floors.


 Localisation support in:

  • English
  • Spanish / Español (Special thanks to Nuko for translation assistance)
  • French / Français 
  • German / Deutsche


Experimental Version; v1.4 includes "Slim Carpet Stairs" that are two standard pixels units shorter on each side. When you place another carpet next to one though, that side will then fill out back to being full sized. The conditions are currently only set to fill out of it's a stair carpet on the side. As seen below.



Mod compatibility:

 MC 1.15

Extended Mushrooms 1.3.0

Quark Mod r2.1-235 +



Feel free to use this mod in any modpack, though please do not upload it to other websites.

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