Carpenter's Axe

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Carpenter's Axe adds another set of axes which are designed for farming planks.
Breaking logs will automatically drop 5 pieces of planks instead of a wood block.
It's more efficient than crafting them from logs since you get one plank extra.
Every level of Fortune on the axe will give another 33% chance of dropping a 6th plank.
Having Fortune III will ensure a 6th plank drop.

List of (mod) trees that are currently compatible:
- Vanilla Minecraft
- Biomes O' Plenty
- Forestry
- Natura (Added in 1.0.1)
- Abyssal Craft (Added in 1.0.2)
- Calculator (Added in 1.0.2)
- Random Things (Added in 1.0.2)
- Roots (Added in 1.0.2)
- Tech Reborn (Added in 1.0.2)

Additional trees can be added in the config file

Misc info:
Does also work with Veinminer. Just add the following tools to the Veinminer tool config:


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