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Calemi's Economy

Calemi's Blueprints

Calemi's Sledgehammers




After developing mods for many years, I've come across many ideas and tools that, to me, were almost required to play the game. In the end, I ultimately decided to give all of these ideas a central place to exist. I present to you, Calemi's Utilities! A mod designed to hold many tools to help with building, teleportation, and economy.



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Key Features


World Edit

While my tools don't function entirely like World Edit tools, it's safe to say they are very comparable. Blueprints are the root of the system. They can be dyed any color like wool and can be placed infinitely by a Pencil. Once hit by a held Block, they search for connected colors of the same kind and place that Block in every Blueprint.


Brushes can mass place Blueprints in a cube or a circle shape (There will be more shapes in the future). The Eraser can quickly remove the Blueprint if any mistakes occur, allowing for a fast and effectively building system of tools.




Calemi's Utilities add a fully functioning economy that includes Coins, Wallets, Banks, Trading Posts, and more! The Coins come in the form of Pennies, Nickels, Quarters, and Dollars. All with their respective worths. Wallets can store mass amounts of money with a max quantity that can be set in the config. The Bank functions the same way as a wallet but also gathers money from any Blocks that generate income (like Trading Posts). The Trading Posts can be fully automated by "hopper-ing" in items for its stock. Players can right-click the Block with a Wallet in hand to purchase Items set by the owner.



Secured Blocks

With the addition of features like Trading Posts and Banks, you can have peace of mind knowing that your blocks can only be accessed and destroyed by you. The Security Wrench is the only way to pick up these blocks, making it mandatory to check its security. This feature can be entirely disabled by config as well!



Any unit or network Block that is "connected" to another is registered in a network. With this system, Blocks can access others within the network to transfer money and access their inventories. Secured Blocks will still connect to the network, but your Blocks will only interact with your other secured units (no stealing!!!).



Modpack Policy

You can use this mod in any modpack whether it's public or private. Just do not claim this mod as your own!


Special Thanks to the Developer(s) of Craft to Exile [Dissonance]!

 They added this mod in their modpack and it greatly increased this mod's views & downloads!

Click here to view the modpack.

I highly recommend checking it out. It is an RPG-inspired, exploration-based experience that includes a fully realized progression system and has over 200 quests.


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