Builtin Servers


Builtin Servers

A small mod that lets modpack makers set up built-in servers instead of shipping a preconfigured server.dat file.


Setting up the mod for your modpack:


If you want to add default servers that will show up in the server list when players download your modpack, just run the mod once and edit the config file generated at .minecraft/config/builtinservers.json.

After that, ship your config file with your modpack, and all new instances will have your servers, but old instances will not lose their custom servers when your modpack updates.


Here is what the default config file should look like:



Builtin servers will show a custom badge on the client so that players can see which servers have been added by the modpack (this can be disabled):



Forced servers cannot be deleted and will always be re-added unless the config file changes. They cannot be edited/removed and will show a custom message:



Other information:


For bug reporting please proceed to the mod's GitHub repository: https://github.com/lucaargolo/builtin-servers

If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to call me on Discord @D4rk#0693
You can find me in the Cafeteria Development guild.