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Note: The package contains the modules for both v1.7.10 AND for 1.8.0, as well as the blueprint library, instructions for installation and use, and the full source code!  This mod uses Forge, so you need to have that installed.  It is only intended for use in Single Player mode while building and constructing your map; after you have finished building, the mod is no longer necessary for the map to work!


Support can be found, along with a community blueprint library, at the forum.


This is a mod aimed at:

  • People who spend all their time in Creative mode
  • People who like the copy/paste features in external editors, but want to create in-game
  • People who don't want to spend another ten minutes creating yet another generic house as they build their city
  • People who want to share their structure with others without having to save and load an entire world
  • People who want an easy way to add auto-spawning structures in-game
  • People who want an easy way to use the schematics libraries online, without having to install more complex mods
  • People who find WorldEdit too complex and want a simpler interface
  • People who want to be able to have randomisation and flexibility in saved structures (that you do not have using Schematics)

The mod adds a new item -- a Wand -- and a few commands ( /wand, /blueprint ).  It allows the person holding the wand to create any of a number of predefined  structures (plans) at the click of a right-button; it also allows them to save an existing structure as a file (blueprint) that can be loaded back in as a plan and used again multiple times.   The resulting map does not need the mod to be loaded for it to work.

Plans may use 'soft' blocks, which only place in air or water, and can also include reference to other place, at translation or rotation.  There is also the option to use an element of randomness, so that it can generate varying structures from the same blueprint.  It also preserves Block Entity data and can handle blocks added by other mods.

Plans can specify Chests and Spawners using special random syntax, to include randomised loot and spawn potentials.  This may be configured using in-line NBT, external NBT files, or symbolically in the code.  You can also specify mobile entities, such as carts, armour stands, and mobs.

There are also 'Metablock' symbols, such as 'OLD_STONE' which will resolve to a different block based on current biome and/or random states.  So, a cottage will generate using different stone and wood if built in a desert as opposed to being built on a plain.

Blueprints can also copy and paste mobile entities, such as minecrafts, mobs, and armour stands.

Blueprints can contain IFBLOCK and IFBIOME tests to branch on various conditions.

Blueprints can use MOB to create entities, and you can copy entities.

The PICTURE directive can be used to create a custom map in a frame displaying the contents of an external image file.

Plans may be flagged as 'autogenerate' with a probability and a list of biomes, and they will be auto-generated as new chunks are generated.

There is support for MCEdit Schematics, and Ruins Templates. (See )


The main thing to note is that, once the structures have been built, the mod is not required for the world to work (provided you have removed the Wand from the player inventory of course).

The mod comes with a number of example blueprints, demonstrating the various capabilities.  For example:

  • Glass dome -- works on land or underwater
  • Random tower -- random room contents and height, can autogenerate
  • Ship - pirate or trader, random crew and cargo, can autogenerate
  • Balloon - on ground or in the air, with pilor and cargo, can autogenerate
  • Cottage -- simple cottage, can autogenerate
  • Well -- example of underground structure
  • Water -- uses 'soft' blocks to fill holes with water without affecting other blocks
  • Jeb Door -- standard Jeb door, with redstone etc
  • Lava trap -- example of trapped chest with opening floor
  • Bridge -- a simple 4-block wide bridge with a 30-block span
  • Tree -- a simple Oak tree
  • Water and Dry -- fill a hole with water, or dry up existing water
  • Topsoil -- add a layer of dirt and grass to any exposed rock
  • Tunnel -- drill a tunnell, with a rail track and torches, until the far side of the hill and then stop
  • Dungeon -- generate a random dungeon, with random rooms, monsters and treasure (not a very complex one though - this is more an example than the main goal)

More details and documentation are included with the mod in the download file.

Suggested uses:

  • Removing repetitive duplication work when building cities, forests and so on
  • Tutorials (eg, redstone) can provide a blueprint containing the example structures
  • Builders can share their work as individual re-useable structures
  • Use of random features giving small variations in a plan, to make more realistic worlds
  • Procedurally generate simple towers and castles
  • Improve the richness of the world


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