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This project is still under development, so there is a high chance that it is going to have a lot of bugs and errors. Please report if you find one, this way I can fix it. Thank you.



- This is a lightweight mod that adds a new block to the game and changes the way you acquire Campfire and Soul Campfire Blocks.

- Now, instead of crafting campfires (you can enable the recipes back through config) on a Crafting Table, you will need to build them using Campfire Logs and a piece of Coal/Charcoal or Soul Sand depending on the Campfire.



How To Build A Campfire

1 -  Acquire at least 2 logs. Any kind of log will work, other than stems / nether logs.

2 - Craft a Stonecutter using the Crafting Table.

3 - Place logs to the left-slot of the Stonecutter. A small icon will appear in the middle-left. Click on it.

4 - You will get an output on the right-slot of the Stonecutter. Take the item and place it into your inventory.


 5 - Get the Campfire Logs to your left or right hand.

6 - Place one Campfire Log above another block.

7 - Place another one and repeat until you placed 4 Campfire Logs.


8 - Now, you can either make a Campfire or Soul Campfire.

If you right-click with a Coal or Charcoal, you will make a Campfire.

If you right-click with a Soul Sand, you will make a Soul Campfire.

9 - When you built a campfire, they are unlit by default, but you can lit them using a Flint and Steel.


10 - And here you have it, your first hand-made campfire!


Comment or post an issue on GitHub if there is something you didn't understand or if you simply have questions.


How To Configure This Mod

This mod supports the Cloth Config API. A development tool that helps modders create config options which users can change to modify the mod. If you want to know how to use Cloth Config and configure this mod, please check this step-by-step tutorial: How to configure Fabric Mods using Cloth Config API





Will you port this mod to Forge?

I am a new, inexperienced developer and in my opinion, Fabric is much easier to code than Forge. Therefore a Forge Port is not planned for now but maybe in the future(If you want to port this mod to Forge, you can, I would be glad.) 


Can I use this project in X?

This project is licensed under MIT License, a free and open-source license, which means you can use this project in nearly every way you want. But please remember to credit me if your project is public.


Will you port this mod to below 1.17?

Even though the programming language between 1.17 and 1.16 is not so different, I am still an inexperienced developer and I don't have much time in my personal life. So, I am sorry but the answer is no.


I found a bug / I have a suggestion, what should I do?

You can comment or post an issue on the Issue Tracker



Have a nice day :)



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