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My server is using MC 1.7.10, and there's some bugs present (which were fixed in newer versions). So I decided to grab Vincent Lee's Bugfix Mod (which was never released on CurseForge) and maintain its fork.


Fixes are (as described by original mod's author):

  • Experience orbs spawn correctly
  • Chat opacity works again
  • Chickens lured by everything they can breed with
  • Hearts flash the damage taken
  • Hearts blink when regenerating
  • Tools enchanted with Unbreaking don't reappear randomly
  • Snowballs/eggs/enderpearls knockback players in SMP again
  • Items don't bounce in locked hoppers nor on stairs
  • Village blacksmiths spawn an anvil in their shop (disabled by default)
  • Boats do not desync!

The most annoying thing was the boats desynchronisation bug (MC-2931).


Also I fixed a bug preventing players from sleeping in beds placed above y=128 (MC-3599).


Other stuff was not tested.


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