Buddycards Expansions


This mod is in an Experimental state

Extra Buddycards that go along with your other mods!

If you feel like the 3 sets in Buddycards Core aren't enough for you, then this is the mod for you! This mod adds new sets for various mods, each with unique ways to create them! Every set comes with the same kinds of stuff as the vanilla ones: cards, packs, booster boxes, binder variants, medals, and more! Below is a list of the following mods you can find sets for in this expansion mod!

Create: Recycle old Buddycards into a new set!
To get create set cards you have to grind up your old unwanted cards and mix them with water into recycled cards. To turn these into a Create Buddycard Pack, you must add them to a copper plate along with some water. With all of these steps to make them, it's recommended to automate the process.
Aquaculture: Fish up a new set of Buddycards! 
Using a Buddysteel hook in your aquaculture fishing rod you can fish up new packs of Buddycards, along with the rare Cardfish, which eats up these cards. The packs only have 3 cards each since there are only 18 cards in this set, but you can get some non-foil cards from the Cardfish.
Farmers Delight: Bake up some new Buddycards using Buddybeans!
Using Buddysteel, turn normal seeds into Buddybeans, which can be planted to grow more! You can cook these beans into new food items as well as into packs, which also requires some old cards. Each pack has 3 cards and some Buddygummies in them, which can be used to bake a Buddybean pie.
Malum (WIP): Conjure up new Buddycards with the spirits of children!
Using new rings made with Buddysteel, harvest the spirits of only the most annoying of children monsters, which can be used to make new packs as well as upgrade the ring. The packs currently are 3 cards and a set of 18, but in the future, you will be able to use totem rites to improve the amount or the rarity of the cards. This will also become the medal effect.