Bring Me The Rings!

52,576 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 28, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

With the increasing number of mods using baubles to apply effects, the limit of two rings has started to become too restrictive for some packs.

This mod aims to fix just that, adding 2 extra ring slots by default (configurable up to 36!).


Some of you may argue that other mods do this already, and for the other types of baubles as well. The difference with this mod is that the new slots are native baubles slots, that means that virtually every ring should work out of the box, unless the programmer specifically checks for the slot number (unlikely, given that there multiple in vanilla baubles already).


This is the end result:




Can you please add slots for amulets, belts and other bauble types?


No. This is for multiple reasons:

- Other baubles do not have multiple slots in standard baubles. This means that many modders hard code the slot number for those types of baubles, and almost all of them would either

A) Not work at all

B) Manifest unpredictable behavior

C) Crash your game

- It's an ungodly amount of work for a minecraft version that's already being replaced by newer ones.

- It affects balance way more than rings do.

- Where do I even put the UI?

- Just no.



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