Breaking Craft

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Breaking Craft

A 1.19.3 Forge mod that aims to add all your favourite Breaking Bad universe things



This mod adds a new item called "Product", this item can be produced after a long process of brewing in a brewing stand. Product will randomly give the player a few random positive or negative effects (negative more likely). Product can be used to make Fulminate

Items needed for Product:

  • Amethyst Dust
  • Seaweed Extract
  • Crystlamine
  • Flavouring Extract


This mod also adds another item called "Fulminate". This item can be thrown like a snowball and explodes on impact. It is created by combining TNT and Product. It intentionally looks like Product, but with a slight difference, so the other player cannot tell which is which.


This mods adds many new entities, which I classify as "Humanoids" These entities all naturally spawn inside structures. Some can be traded with, eg Gus, for other items from the mod or from minecraft.


Currently, this mod adds 3 new structures: - Gus' Lab - Los Pollos Hermanos - The RV All of these structures can be found in biomes considered "Dry" - e.g deserts - and have different naturally spawning humanoids inside them, depending on which structure it is.

Thank you for reading!

Join the discord: https://discord.gg/tMrB5p3v36