BoredLight (Fork of VarLight)

Updated fork of VarLight for 1.16.5.

P.S. In respect to the original author, I will stop supporting this mod, if and when, the original author starts updating his mod again.


BoredLight allows you to create custom Light sources by right clicking blocks with glowstone dust.

  • Right click blocks with glowstone dust to increment Light Level by 1
  • Left click blocks with glowstone dust to decrement Light level by 1
  • Breaking Custom Light sources with a Silk touch tool will drop a glowing version of the block

Supported MC Versions:

  • 1.16.5


  • /varlight update: Update the light level at a given position (Syntax: /varlight update <pos> <light level>)
  • /varlight fill: Fill an entire region with Light sources (Syntax: /varlight fill <pos 1> <pos 2> <light level> [include|exclude] [include filter|exclude filter])
  • /varlight give: Like the vanilla /give command, but receive a glowing version of the block instead
  • /varlight debug: List custom light sources
  • /varlight stepsize: Use any interval from 1-15 instead of 1 per click (Syntax: /varlight stepsize <1-15>)