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This Fabric Mod allows turning most blocks into Light Sources. This is performed by Right Clicking a Block with Glowstone Dust, the Light Level will be increased by 1 with each Click.
Left Click to decrease the Light level by 1.


When you break a Custom Light source using a Silk touch tool, A Glowing Version of the Block will be dropped, and when placed again will start glowing again. Breaking a Custom Light source without a Silk touch tool will drop some Glowstone Dust.




- /varlight update <pos> <light level> - Will update the Light level at the given position

- /varlight fill <pos 1> <pos 2> <light level> [include|exclude] [<include filter>|<exclude filter>] - Fills the specified area with light sources, allows filtering specific blocks

- /varlight give <targets> <type> <light level> [amount] - Much like the vanilla /give command, allows creating glowing variants of blocks

- /varlight debug list chunk|region [chunkX|regionX] [chunkZ|regionZ] - List Custom Light sources

- /varlight stepsize <stepsize>: Use to increase/decrease Light level by any number between 1-15 instead of just 1 per click.





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