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Boomshot is a mod that adds 2 special cannons to the game that pack a serious punch, as you'll definitely see as using them send you back flying in the exact opposite direction you're looking. While useful for traversing complex terrain like caves, they are also great for fighting, since they allow you to create a powerful shockwave when you land. Just remember to beware of the fall!


Planned Features:

-Enchantments! New enchantments so that you can really customize your boomshot to your liking

-Bayonets! Attach swords onto the end of your cannon to really pack a punch, but you'll have to sacrifice some speed

Possible Features:

-Dual-Wielding? You could put a boomshot in your main hand and off hand to send you flying, but your cooldown would be twice as long


Any suggestions? Feel free to tell us them, but keep in mind this is supposed to be a light mod, so any suggestion should aim to keep it that way.


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