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This mod is lightweight waypoints manager. Waypoints are managed as bookmarks. You can teleport even across dimensions by "jump" command. When the player died, a new waypoint is automatically saved into its bookmark.
You can see waypoints on map by installing WebMAP.


/bookmark add <name>

Add current position and dimension with specified <name> to the player's bookmark.

/bookmark remove <name>

Remove the waypoint specified by <name> from the player's bookmark.

/bookmark list

Enumerate waypoints of the player's bookmark as text on screen.

/bookmark rename <old name> <new name>

Rename the waypoint specified by <old name> to <new name>

/bookmark send <player> <name>

Send the waypoint specified by <name> to the player identified by <player>

/bookmark write <title>

Write all waypoints down to a book with <title>. A writable book is necessary.

/jump <name>

Teleport to the waypoint specified by <name> in the player's bookmark.


To make messages translated into your language, put this mod on both client and server side. However, this mod will work enough even if you put it only on server side.

Other MOD

WebMAP displays your bookmark on web based maps.
Safe Teleport is useful to travel randomly.


Minecraft forge 1.14.4-28.1.0 later

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