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Filename BonsaiTrees-
Uploaded by davenonymous
Uploaded Feb 2, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2   +1
Size 182.53 KB
Downloads 3,472,425
MD5 0f2870904797b4efe50b358448dc1782
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Bonsai Trees 2.1.2:


Bonsai Maker Improvements:

- Only show the player slots when needed, otherwise show useful information:
- Model Panel shows what types of blocks are used and allows removal of all blocks belonging to those types, i.e. you can clean up your models after opening the bonsai maker.
- Model Panel warns if there are too many blocks or too many block states used.
- Save Panel shows information on how to proceed with the newly created files. This includes a link to the Open Loader mod page.
- Save Panel prevents saving if the files already exist or the model is not valid. There is a new checkbox that allows files to be overwritten.
- Files are now placed in the appropriate openloader folders with data and resourcepack named "custombonsais", so the files don't have to be moved after creating them.
- Create the appropriate pack.mcmeta files so the packs can be immediately loaded: use the F3+T and the /reload command in that order.


Requires the latest Libnonymous v1.1.1

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