Bongo is a bingo minigame for recent minecraft versions. The goal is to collect items and advancements, kill entities and travel to biomes that show up on the bongo card. The team that completes 5 tasks in a row, a column or a diagonal wins the game.


To play bongo you need to run some commands. The commands to create, start and stop games need op-permission / cheats enabled:

  • /bingo create tasks_id settings_id: Creates a new bingo. The tasks_id specifies what tasks definition should be used (Which tasks show up on the bingo card). Those can be added by datapacks. Bongo has three builtin bongos: bongo:easy,bongo:normal and bongo:hard. The settings_id defines the settings for the game. Bongo has two builtin settings: default and pvp. In default you're invulnerable and in pvp you're not and a task will be locked when a player dies. Also in pvp mode you'll start with leather armor and a stone sword.
  • /bingo join <team>: Every player that wants to participate in the game has to join a team. There a 16 different teams you can join.
  • /bingo start: Starts the game. This will clear the inventory and the advancements of all players.

There's a keybind (Defaults to Y) to make the bingo card extend over the whole screen and show item names. You can also customise the size of the bingo card in the client config.

Hint: To get all bingo items in JEI you can search for #bingo


  • /bingo backpack or /bp: Opens a backpack while the game is running. All members of a team share the same backpack so you can exchange items easily.
  • /bingo teamchat or /tc: Toggles TeamChat mode. While in TeamChat only your team members will receive your chat messages.
  • /bingo leave: Leaves a team.
  • /bingo stop: Stops the current game and hides the bingo card.
  • /bingo spread <teams>: Distributes all players into mostly equal-sized teams. You can specify the amount of teams you want to create by setting the teams value.
  • /bingo teams: Lists all teams with all their members.

TeamChat is only available if MineMention is not installed. With MineMention you can use the @team mention to send messaged to your bingo team.

Create custom bingos

See here.


*Yes you may use this in a modpack.*


Is there a lobby where players can join before the game starts and easily select their team?

Yes: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/bingolobby

Is this a Port of Modded Bingo?

The project started because modded bingo was not updated yet and was missing some features we needed. But this is not an official port of Modded Bingo.