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A mod that displays information of creatures and provides some new optional features about creatures.

Head Figure

This mod only works on Fabric side and depends on Fabric API. No plan for Forge yet. You'd better install this mod on both client and server side. But the game will still work fine if the mod is not installed on both sides.

The principles that this mod adheres to:

  • This mod is vanilla friendly. No new items, blocks or other custom data are added. Even the item Bole Handbook is just a writable_book with some NBT tags. So your saves will still be fine after uninstalling the mod.
  • All functions in the handbook can be banned (then they are for preview only). And all new features in the config menu are optional and are turned off by default.
  • Game balance is taken into account. Players won't be too powerful in survival mode.

How to play

You can buy a bole handbook from a wandering trader (a wandering trader has a 20% chance to carry this trade offer). Or you can get it from the creative inventory screen (it is at the end of the misc group).

Hold the handbook and right-click an entity, and a screen will be opened which displays some properties of the entity; right-click on the air and the homepage screen will be opened. You can also open the screen by pressing the hotkey.


Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3 Screenshot4


CurseForge doesn't seem to fully support Markdown🤔. So you can also check it out on my Github.

  • [X] Buy Bole handbook from wandering traders
  • [ ] Copy Bole handbook
  • [X] Highlight entities around the player
    • [X] Dyanamic view distance
    • [X] Costs experience
  • [X] Offer a spawn egg
  • [X] Open the handbook screen when looking up
  • [X] Open the player or vehicle screen when looking down
  • [X] Notify the player when the leads fall
  • Entity:
    • [X] Bounding box
    • [X] Custom name
    • [X] Nether portal cooldown
    • [X] Set nether portal cooldown
    • [X] Players can only change their own cooldown
    • [X] Set custom name visible
    • [X] Shut up
    • [X] Set invulnerable
    • [X] Air
    • LivingEntity:
    • [X] Health
    • [X] Max health
    • [X] Is baby
    • [X] Status effects
    • PlayerEntity
      • [X] Experience
    • MobEntity:
      • [X] Attractive items (goalSelector - TemptGoal)
      • [X] Can be leashed (canBeLeashedBy)
      • [X] Disable AI
      • PathAwareEntity:
      • PassiveEntity:
        • [X] Set baby / Never grow up (breedingAge)
        • AnimalEntity:
        • [X] Breeding item (isBreedingItem)
        • TameableEntity:
          • [X] Is tamed
          • [ ] Set owner
          • [X] Block accidental injury
          • [X] Teleport to the owner on the sea and leaves
          • TameableShoulderEntity:
          • [X] Set cooldown of sitting on player
          • ParrotEntity:
            • [X] Set variant
            • [X] Show GUI when on shoulder
            • [ ] Won't leave shoulder when player jumps
            • [ ] Breedable
          • CatEntity:
          • [X] Set variant
        • HorseBaseEntity:
          • AbstractDonkeyEntity
          • [X] Chest size
          • HorseEntity:
          • [X] Running speed
          • [X] Jump height
          • [X] Set variant
        • BeeEntity:
          • [X] Beehive position
          • [X] Reset beehive position
          • [X] Check beehive state
        • SheepEntity:
          • [X] Force to eat grass
        • GoatEntity:
          • [X] Set screamer
        • RabbitEntity:
          • [x] Set variant
        • PandaEntity:
          • [X] Set gene
        • AxolotlEntity:
          • [X] Set variant
        • MerchantEntity:
        • [X] Get inventory
        • [X] Set inventory
        • VillagerEntity:
          • [X] Highlight job site
          • [X] Reset level 0
          • [X] Force to restock
          • [X] Change clothes
        • WanderingTraderEntity:
          • [X] Notify players when spawned
          • [X] Despawn time
          • [X] Add Despawn time
      • WaterCreatureEntity:
        • FishEntity:
        • SchoolingFishEntity:
          • TropicalFishEntity:
          • [X] Set variant
        • DolphinEntity:
        • [X] Moistness
      • HostileEntity:
        • AbstractPiglinEntity:
        • PiglinEntity:
          • [ ] Pay to dance


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