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A small mod which allows the player to link boats together.

A boat which has been linked to another boat can no longer be controlled by the player, but will follow the boat it has been tied to.


To link boats together, a lead is required (this can be changed in the config file to be whatever item you like). To link together two boats, first shift + click the leading boat, then shift + click the following boat. To cancel a linking operation, shift + click the linking item in the air.

If linking two boats is not possible, feedback will be provided by a chat message why the linking has failed. If the link was successfully made, a rope will appear connecting the back of the leading boat to the front of the following boat.


A boat chain


It is possible to link multiple boats to the same leading boat, however every boat can only be tied to one leading boat. It is also possible to tie a boat to a boat which has been tied to another boat, effectively creating a chain of boats.


Additionally, this mod also adds a chest boat, the chest boat can be created by shift clicking a regular boat with a vanilla chest. The chest boat can be disabled in the config, and is enabled by default. Unless OpenTransport is detected in the isntance (which adds chestboats too, in addition to many other boats), then the chest boat is disabled by default.


Chest boats


Linking boats together should work with any modded boat, as long as the implementation of the boat extends EntityBoat.


Boat chain with modded boats



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