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Filename blockbuster-1.6.2-1.11.2.jar
Uploaded by McHorseYT
Uploaded Dec 15, 2019
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 908.81 KB
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MD5 7f08cbd2e7d0dc6db0ae135f73ff7a8b
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


This update introduces particle morph, a couple of QoL GUI features, minor visual tweaks and lots of bug fixes.

Compatible with McLib 1.0.4, Metamorph 1.1.10 and Aperture 1.3.3. It doesn't mean that future versions of Metamorph and Aperture would be incompatible, but older versions are most likely incompatible.

  • Added picking limbs by left clicking them while holding Ctrl/Command key in model editor, pose editor or body part menus
  • Added more /record sub-commands:
    • /record fade <filename> <fade_out> to cross fade last <fade_out> frames with beginning
    • /record cut <filename> <before> <after> cuts out all frames before <before> and after <after>
    • /record restore <filename> <iteration> allows to restore (by swapping files) player recording with given <iteration> version
  • Added model block Global and Enabled model block options
  • Added an ability to use wings on Z axis (swiping)
  • Added Hold checkbox in model editor to disable holding item angle correction
  • Added an ability to leash the actor (right click with lead)
  • Added particle morph which emites vanilla and morph configured particles
  • Changed /model convert to be more flexible
  • Changed /record prolong to output the resulted prolongation of the player recording
  • Changed model block Y rotation to be assigned on placing when sneaking (and add a button to orient toward you instead)
  • Changed director and model block F3 rendering to quads instead of lines (suggested by Andruxioid)
  • Changed the recording ID field to disallow using spaces
  • Fix issue with glitching Aperture slider (reported by Andruxioid) which also fixes double clicking events
  • Fix issue with resetting morphs in camera editor (reported by KazerLight)
  • Fix and investigate 3D feature's missing voxels... (issue was using wrong dimension value, i.e. width instead of depth, for left and right sides)
  • Fix 3D's edge geometry construction to correctly texture map (implement bit flags)
  • Fix BB gun to allow 0 bounces
  • Fix a crash related to discarded director block when it doesn't exist anymore
  • Fix recording ID getting overlapped by morphs (reported by Kanguste)
  • Fix global scale not affecting vanilla entity shadows (reported by Joziah2)
  • Fix entity rotation when entering Aperture (reported by Reunion Studio)
  • Fix desynchronized actors who are not disappearing due to MrCrayfish's furniture (reported by Dracay and LadyMania)
  • Fix crisis of broken action in player recordings and fix NPE with URL skins (reported by Jubb)
  • Fix minor issue with sequencer morph where it skips the first sequence when initializing
  • Fix textures not appearing if they have upper case file extension (reported by Chunk7)

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