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Uploaded May 21, 2019
Game Version 1.11.2
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This big massive update probably isn't as big as 1.5, however, it saturated with so many awesome features that expand new horizons of machinima creation! Beside that, this update also makes Blockbuster much more stable than 1.5.3.

This update adds three new types of special Blockbuster exclusive morphs, in addition to image morph: Sequencer, Record and Structure morphs. It also adds another several major features: multiskin, improved texture picker, custom model smooth shading, hide all director blocks (if hide on playback is enabled) upon playback, item slots support in body parts, several new image and custom model morph properties and dozens of bug fixes!

Compatible with McLib 1.0.1, Metamorph 1.1.8 and Aperture 1.3.1. It doesn't mean that future versions of Metamorph and Aperture would be incompatible, but older versions are most likely incompatible.


  • Added following config options:
    • Added Actors > Fix Y config option, which uses actual Y value recorded on the client side, instead of the interpolated from server, which in turn fixes hovering when jumping around, but at the cost of sharp vertical movement
    • Added Actors > Always render which makes body actor entities render always no matter hitbox size (suggested by Andruxioid)
  • Added multi-skin feature to texture picker which allows constructing a single texture out of multiple textures
  • Added texture manager panel where you can explore textures loaded by Minecraft
  • Added animated GIF support (with reference work from MrCrayfish's furniture mod and DhyanB)
  • Added BB gun item, which allows to setup a firearm-like weapon which can shoot projectiles with lots of different configuration options
  • Add hierarchical model loading and sorting in config/blockbuster/models (suggested by Jubb)
  • Changed the location of ticks in player recording editor grid
  • Changed the texture picker to capable of browsing folders
  • Fixed crash related to body actors using playback button (reported by ChrissyPixy)
  • Fixed issue with duplicated player recording in the list
  • Fixed @VERSION in blockbuster_core mod (reported by Andruxioid, I think)
  • Fixed issue with URL skins doesn't work with extruded layers and /model texture (reported by Jubb)
  • Fixed clickable item slots through the morph picker
  • Fixed crash related to tick out of bounds (I assume with pre delay) (reported by STH)
  • Fixed NPE with image morphs when stupid png URLs lead to those stupid websites instead of an actual PNG
  • Fixed 1.11.2 chroma blocks appear all as green (reported by SlySuptic)
  • Fixed item transformations on the head for model block
  • Fixed crash when picking up a texture in texture manager (reported by Andruxioid)
  • Fixed inventory GUI desync after player's death
  • Fixed config comments display (reported by GroupM)
  • Fixed shadow property of model block not getting synced
  • Remove model editor button from main menu

Aperture integration

  • Changed the player recording list in camera editor to not fully overlay the player recording editor
  • Fixed crash camera editor initiation (reported by ycwei982 and zoombie)
  • Fixed packets in Aperture's integration which kicks players (found by FairFox)
  • Fixed Play and Load camera mode doesn't work on dedicated server (reported by Olrik&Flynn)
  • Fixed some weird desync when recording editor elements are in camera editor (reported by Andruxioid and Agirres)
  • Fixed pre/post delays set with /record prolong command not working properly with camera editor

Custom models

  • Added smooth shading property to custom models and model editor which makes the triangular shading much smoother
  • Fixed issue with default model not being completely loaded on start up
  • Fixed small space with export mob model and add search bar (suggested by Joziah2)
  • Fixed body limb when generating JSON model from auto OBJ
  • Fixed writing materials to model.json
  • Fixed extruded layers to support mirroring

Director block

  • Added rendering of director block in F3 view (same way as model block) (suggested by ChatpKSK)
  • Changed all director blocks to invisible when one starts playing (and hide on playback is enabled) (suggested by GroupM)
  • Changed hidden block to have no collision when walking through them (suggested by Jubb)
  • Changed the way rename prefix works (replace everything until last _ and a number)
  • Changed width of Record button to be the same width as other buttons
  • Fixed issue with fake players on the server side in Director#collectActors() (reported by FairFox and Cactuz)
  • Fixed issue with illegal property shit when tile entity director tries to check for hidden blocks (reported by Andruxioid and terbin)
  • Fixed director block's loop mode cloning actors (reported by HerrBergmann and Lycoon)
  • Fix/prohibit inserting invisible characters into Recording ID


  • Added new types of morphs:
    • Added sequencer morph, which takes in any number of morphs and switches between them based on given delay between every sequence (with possible randromizer), which allows creating animated morphs
    • Added record morph, which takes a morph and given player recording and plays it in a loop within the morph, this way it's possible to add alive passengers within models through body part system and etc. (loosely based on ideas of HerrBergmann)
    • Added structure morph, which allows using saved nbt structures via the structure block (suggested by El_Redstoniano)
  • Added support for item slots in body part system
  • Added a couple of properties to image morph:
    • lighting option which allows to disable light map on the image morph (suggested by Morris)
    • billboard (Look at player) option which allows orient the image morph to always look at the player
  • Added a couple of properties to custom model morph:
    • scale option which allows scaling the model (like the global scale option in the model editor)
    • scaleGui option which allows scaling the model in GUI cells
  • Changed body part's default rotation by X axis to 180.0 by default
  • Changed morph picker to allow to nullify selected morph by clicking elsewhere in the morph picker
  • Fixed NPE crash with getPose() (reported by STH)
  • Fixed NPE crash related to custom (reported by Andruxioid)
  • Fixed body part crash on the server (reported by Skorpion_G)
  • Fixed shading when scaling of image morphs (i.e. enable normal rescale)
  • Fixed body part system in morph editor GUI not showing up

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