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Filename blockbuster-1.5.3-1.11.2.jar
Uploaded by McHorseYT
Uploaded Dec 27, 2018
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 749.74 KB
Downloads 325
MD5 071907d3a3c917c122eaa34d6fb00dae
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


This patch update is quite massive in comparison to two previous patches. This update adds body part system, image morphs, a new Aperture integration, URL textures, few miscellaneous tweaks and lots of bug/crash fixes.

Compatible with McLib 1.0, Metamorph 1.1.7 and Aperture 1.2. It doesn't mean that future versions of Metamorph and Aperture would be incompatible, but older versions are most likely incompatible.

  • Added mclib library mod as a dependency
  • Added body part system to Blockbuster custom model system, which allows adding sub models on a model
  • Added custom model and image morph editors
  • Added Image morph which simply shows an image
  • Added Wheel and Wing animation checkboxes to model editor
  • Added chat action prefix config option
  • Added /model export_obj <model> [pose] subcommand which allows to export Blockbuster custom models into OBJ
  • Added /model convert <fred|steve> <skin> which allows converting 64x64 skins into 64x32 and vice versa
  • Added /spectate <target> command
  • Added map_Kd_path instruction to MTL parser which allows to specify default texture for the material (suggested by AzureZhen)
  • Added mounted property to /record clean
  • Added support of elytra layer to the slot mechanism
  • Added a button to rename replay Recording ID prefixes in director block
  • Added a button to copy pose properties from another pose and a button to duplicate a limb in model editor
  • Added blending to default cubic limbs in custom model, which allows using semi-transparent skins
  • Added URL support to resource locations
  • Added a keybind which allows toggle playback of currently edited director block in dashboard GUI (suggested by Olrik&Flynn)
  • Added support for recording editor within camera editor
  • Fixed crash and disabled ability to parent limb to itself in the model editor (reported by El_Redstoniano)
  • Fixed crash caused by malformed model morph with no model (reported by KazerLight)
  • Fixed crash caused by model manager releasing memory on the integrated server (GL context on wrong thread)
  • Fixed crash with empty slot (reported by Qsycho)
  • Fixed crash with item playback and body actors (reported by Olrik&Flynn)
  • Fixed issue with bow animation not recognizing children limbs (reported by MineLol and ZeNoob)
  • Fixed morphs not appearing correctly when scrubbing through in camera editor (reported by GroupM)
  • Fixed an issue with 3D extruded limbs and normals (reported by ItzCactus)
  • Removed custom model morph builder
  • Removed the mob model export button from the main menu model editor (reported by NlL5)
  • Updated Chinese translation strings (thanks to ycwei982)
  • Updated Russian translation strings (thanks to Andruxioid)

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