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Block Protector

This is a simple mod that allows basic region creation and management.

First, you need to execute "/claimgui" to open Region GUI.

You must also have a Protection Axe to create a region.

Note that if you are using Bukkit, please use World Guard instead!

To create a region it must follow these conditions:

  • The region must not overlap with any region
  • You must have free slots to create regions (configurable)
  • Region size must be lower than the maximum limit (configurable)
  • Region name must be from 4 to 20 characters long


  • You can use this mod in your modpack.
  • You are not allowed to re-publish this mod to other sites without providing a CurseForge download link and my permission (PM to  Zeitheron, or via Discord)
  • You are not allowed to include this (or any other mods of the DragonForge team) in your own mod. Building add-ons, however, is allowed, but a friendly PM would be good.

Want to discuss anything? Need help with APIs?

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