Bits And Chisels

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Bits and Chisels is a Fabric mod for modern Minecraft that lets you remove small bits from blocks using chisels. You can use these bits to build detailed decorations or whatever else you want. Requires Fabric API. Has Canvas Renderer support for shaders. Uses greedy meshing and the Fabric Renderer API to achieve high FPS post-1.13 rendering changes. This mod was inspired by Chisel and Bits.


Q: Will This Work With Sodium?
Yes, with the latest version of Sodium ( and Indium ( both installed.

Q: Will This Work With Optifine or Iris?

Optifine will not work and is not supported. Iris will sometimes work with Indium. Iris bundles a custom version of Sodium which frequently causes issues.

Q: I Gave Myself An Internal Item And The Game Crashed!

Use the creative tab please, using /give on bitsandchisels:bits_block or bitsandchisels:bit_item will likely cause crashes.


Q: Did You Port C&B?

No, all the code is 100% original.

Q: Will This Lag My Game?

Lag should be minimal post 2.1.0.
Comparison vs older version and C&B:

B&C FPS go brrr
Q: Forge?

No. Use C&B instead if you want similar functionality on Forge.
Q: Will You Port to $OLD_VERSION?

Q: Crash Issue, Bug, or Feature Request?


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