36,264 Downloads Last Updated: May 19, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


This mod does not have anything to do with real life Bitcoins! It is a joke mod, contained within Minecraft!

This is a Thermal Expansion Addon!


The Mod

So, you've heard about Bitcoins. It's the latest craze, everybody wants to get some! And now you can finally do that while playing Minecraft!

This mod only adds two blocks and two items to the game, and here's how you use them:

  • Mine Bitcoin Ores, which can be found at different heights
  • Smelt the ores, into Bitcoin Blocks
  • The Bitcoin Blocks need to be crafted into Blockchains
  • Blockchains are then mint into Bitcoins, using a Compactor in mint-mode
  • Bitcoins are then.. "sold" for RF in a numismatic dynamo

Now here's the catch: The value of Bitcoins fluctuates heavily! The value changes constantly, sometimes it's higher, sometimes it's lower, sometimes it'll stay there, sometimes the bubble bursts and the value drops.


Some extra infos:

  • Bitcoin Ores are generated using CofhWorld. You can use its config to retrogen them.
  • Bitcoin Ores are mostly found around heights 8, 32 and 64. The deeper the more common they are.
  • Bitcoins' tooltip shows how much they're worth currently
  • Once in the dynamo, they give the value they had on insert
  • The value of bitcoins does not change drastically. It only changes over time. It does not have random jumps.