1,595,448 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

BiomeTweakerCore uses ASM to enable several features in BiomeTweaker:

  • Enabling vanilla generation to recognize more than stone as a filler block (addActualFillerBlocks command).
  • Overriding top and filler blocks in more "stubborn" biomes.
  • Setting the oceanic top and filler blocks (set command).
  • Setting the grass, foliage, and sky color of biomes (set command).
  • Setting the waterColor in more "stubborn" biomes.

You can configure BiomeTweakerCore to enable only the features you want it to. By default, it enables none.


You can find BiomeTweaker here:


Please note: BiomeTweaker will work fine without BiomeTweakerCore. It simply enables the features listed above. Only use BiomeTweakerCore with BiomeTweaker 3.0+.


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