Binary Dimension

16,246 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 8, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2




Explore a whole new dimension  inspired from Matrix and Computers. Fight bugs, viruses and worms and craft a bunch of machines.
Some Features:
- Automated turrets and flying vehicle
- Item storage in SD cards
- A machine which makes food for you and another one which repairs your stuff
- Minecraft dark web, where you can buy rare items like saddles and enchanted golden apples
- Magnet block which attracts nearby mobs
- Bitcoin miners (not real btc)


>How do I play ?

Craft a red pill with bytes and red dye, eat it, and here you go !
All craft are explained in JEI.
If you encounter an issue, report it here.



Available in English, French and Esperanto.
Fully compatible with Just Enough Items and HWYLA.


>Usage Rights


Ingame currencies are entirely fictional and should not be treated like real ones in any case. As a result, all in game bitcoins are null.

You can

- use this mod in a modpack
- create a ressource/data pack for this mod
- make showcase or gameplay videos of this mod (even better if you add this mod page)

You can't

- make anyone pay for this mod
- upload the mod files on any other website than CurseForge


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