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DISCLAIMER: Any versions below 1.19 will NOT be supported

+1.18 versions require Terrablender


The mod changes Minecraft to be more like Don't Starve such as making darkness hazardous, majorly changing gathering mechanics with future plans for increasing difficulty and putting a greater emphasis on hunger maintenance




*New biomes, such as barren rockylands, autumnal deciduous forests, creepy conifer forests and slimy marshes
*A limited crafting system that functions like Don't Starve's prototyping system
*Gather materials to craft and survive Don't Starve style: twigs, cut grass, flint, gold nuggets, rocks, logs, etc
*Gone are your tools made from stone, iron or diamond and instead tools made from flint or gold
*New structures/blocks that replace vanilla essentials such as basic farms and science machines
*Charlie now attack in full darkness so make sure to find some light before can make a torch from two cut grass and two twigs, it can't be placed but emits light when held
*Stationary light sources are also available in the form of campfires and firepits, these can be used to cook food too

Experimental (v0.4 nightly builds only):
*Drying Racks and Crock Pots
*Idle Hunger Drain (1 Hunger every 2400 ticks/2 Minutes, hunger-tick rate adjustable in config)
*Light log blocks on fire using mod-torches, this turns the log into a burnt log block (which drops charcoal and/or pine cones or rarely two charcoal)

*Fireflies and butterfly mobs (like in DS/DST, butterflies have a 2% chance to drop butter)

*Mandrakes, rare passive plains mobs (their drop can be used to make a powerful crockpot recipe)
*Bug Nets, Backpacks, Strawrolls and Pumpkin Lanterns
*Darts (including Fire and Electric variants)
*Three new crock pot recipes: butter muffin, mandrake soup and waffles




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