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BetterNether Reforged

This is an unofficial port of Paulev's Fabric Mod, "BetterNether", port started by Redd90 and finished/maintained by me.


Version 1.1 is on hold for now. I currently have another project taking priority for the time being.

BetterNether is now being worked on as of 10/28. Sorry for the delay on 1.1


This mod was designed as improvement for the Nether, adding more biomes, plants and materials into it. I've tried to make its content unique and interesting for exploring as also useful.

Mod was designed as compatible with other nether mods (especially in world generation).


Primal things, that this mod adds:

1. Many new plants to the Nether;
2. New mobs for the Nether;

3. New unique biomes;
4. Non-vertical volumetric biome system (supporting other mods);
5. New materials, recipes, food, tools and items;
6. Ability to farm some materials using plant farms or mob farms;
7. Many nether structures, including big and rare cities;
8. Ability to configure presence of blocks, items, structures, biomes and plant density;
9. Integrations with some other mods.

This is an unofficial port, all art credit and a majority of code credit goes out to the BetterNether Team. Fabric Mod
Fabric Mod Discord Server

Please do NOT report issues to the official BetterNether Team's Discord or Github. To report issues, report them in the Github linked. 

Please contact me directly if there are any issues that arise with this port existing.



Mod compatibility:
So far, BetterNether Reforged is compatible with all tested Nether Biome Mods. If using Biomes o Plenty, you must go into the config and disable "Use BOP Nether". I will fix this in 1.1

This mod will only be maintained for 1.16.5 and 1.18+. I also intend to implement integrations with other mods in the future.

I plan on making a discord for future port suggestions once BN-Reforged 1.1 is released. Thanks for all the support on this project.