Better Animals Plus

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Filename betteranimalsplus-1.19-11.0.6-fabric.jar
Uploaded by itsmeowdev
Uploaded Jun 10, 2022
Game Version 1.19   +3
Size 2.33 MB
Downloads 79,384
MD5 11aca7d9eb2de6fb627f2a4c02e1ff76
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 17
Supported Minecraft 1.19 Versions



  • 1.19: Bobbit Worms can burrow in mud
  • 1.19: Bobbit Worms have a new block tag bobbit_burrowable that controls what they can burrow in
  • 1.19: BiomeTypes (automated spawn biome selection) has been reworked to use biome tags on both Forge and Fabric. This should improve compatibility with Fabric biome mods like BYG.
  • 1.19: Trillium frequency in swamps doubled (frequency of 1/32 -> 1/16)
  • 1.19: Trillium now generate in mangrove swamps with a frequeuncy of 1/4 (8x higher than original frequency).

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