Better Animals Plus

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Filename betteranimalsplus-1.14.4-10.0.0.jar
Uploaded by itsmeowdev
Uploaded Sep 24, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4   +2
Size 8.05 MB
Downloads 91,597
MD5 4b3c4521895861e3334b2faa7b08dd66
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


Feature Additions



  • Add butterflies
  • Add dragonflies
  • Add barracuda
  • Add flying fish
  • Add giant squid
  • Add colossal squid
  • Add piranha
  • Add octopus



  • Add bottled butterflies
  • Add bottled dragonflies
  • Add Bucket of Barracuda
  • Add Bucket of Flying Fish
  • Add Horseshoe Crab blood
  • Add calamari



  • Add Octopus' Garden advancement
  • Add 20,000 Leagues of Trouble advancement
  • Add Bug Collector advancement
  • Add secret developer feature


Feature Changes

  • 1.15: Remove all mythical features (Hand Of Fate, Zotzpyre, Hirschgeist + Skull + Advancements) They will be moved to our other mod Whisperwoods
  • Feral Wolves can now only be tamed when wearing an Ender Dragon head
  • Add custom textures for baby boar, deer, goose, pheasant, and turkey
  • Add new shark variants (hammerhead, goblin, mako, great white)
  • Update model for shark variants (tiger, whitetip, blue)
  • Make all animals available and non-hostile on Peaceful mode
  • Add baby brown bears (any meat)
  • Add baby black bears (salmon or honeycomb on 1.15)
  • Add baby feral wolves (antlers, must be tamed)
  • Add baby badgers (only occur naturally)
  • Brown bears, black bears, feral wolves, badgers, boar, crab, deer, goat, goose, horseshoe crab, turkey, squirrel, songbird, and pheasant will now naturally spawn as babies (25% chance)
  • Antlers can now be crafted into 3 bonemeal each
  • Bears can now rear and will defend their babies, like vanilla polar bears
  • Goats will now remember their friend when the world is unloaded



  • Update Russian Translation
  • Made more messages localizable (coyote/feral wolf messages, tooltips, etc)



  • Make Lammergeiers Great Again! (No, seriously)
  • Fix crashes related to null variants (Shark rendering, whale rendering)
  • Fix heads with missing textures
  • Add Romanian and Finnish Translations
  • Fixed issue with serialization of types
  • Fix random crashes when certain entities spawned naturally
  • Fixed crash when taming animals
  • Fixed reindeer having weird leg placement
  • Fixed feral wolves not being able to heal to full health with food
  • Fixed coyote, feral wolves, and goats having odd walking animations
  • Fixed taranatulas spawning too much / in the light / in the wrong places
  • Fixed weird desync with feral wolves and coyotes when sitting (walking while sitting, etc)
  • Fix crash with Rosy's Update mod / overwriting vanilla bucket
  • 1.15: Fix songbirds sometimes not appearing as landed
  • 1.15: Fix walrus not moving when in water
  • 1.15: Possibly fix crash with Lammergeier navigation
  • 1.15: Fix Feral Wolves not dropping pelts and not changing eyes when tamed