Better Animals Plus

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Filename betteranimalsplus-1.14.4-8.0.0.jar
Uploaded by itsmeowdev
Uploaded Nov 25, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 3.18 MB
Downloads 45,476
MD5 532b0952ee39abb0210fa3a4d547d104
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions



  • Add moose
  • Add turkey
  • Add new songbird variant
  • Add pheasant egg
  • Add turkey egg
  • Add fried egg
  • Add turkey legs
  • Add edible turkey block
  • Update models for Feral Wolf (and heads)
  • Lower reindeer health to 30
  • Split coyote head into its own head (on 1.14 this will request an ID change, you WILL lose any coyote heads upon updating!)
  • Add polish translation (slightly out of date)
  • Fix being able to breed pheasant with wheat instead of pumpkin seeds
  • Make deer drops better (always drop 2 antlers, sometimes venison)
  • Fix coyote dropping wolf pelts
  • Removed broken update checker
  • 1.12: Fix fox dropping wolf pelts
  • 1.12: Add oredictionary support to taming items config (format: "ore:oreName")
  • 1.12: Add Thaumcraft 6 Aspects
  • 1.12: Fix crash from Boar eating crops before the world is loaded
  • 1.12: Fix cascading worldgen lag
  • 1.12: Fix strange desync with lamprey
  • 1.14: Fix heads, hand of fate, and trillium not dropping ever
  • 1.14: Add campfire and smoker recipes for most cookables
  • 1.14: Make nautilus by default despawn again (oops!)
  • 1.14: Add Crab Rave support for Essential Features' Portable Jukebox
  • 1.14: Fix crash when placing heads on tall grass or two-high plants
  • 1.14: Internally rewrite configs and entity registration
  • 1.14: Fix config not always generating with modded biomes (delete configs to get a new one)
  • 1.14: Added waterlogging support for heads and hand of fate
  • 1.14: Fix tame items config not working
  • 1.14: Add tag support for tame item config (format: "#tagdomain:tagname")
  • 1.14: Fix some water mobs spawning on land
  • 1.14: Fix 'Unknown custom packet identifier' warnings in log