Better With Addons


This mod aims to bring back new and old Better than Wolves addons, updating them to newer versions of Forge, for use with Better With Mods.

Every module within this mod is merely a spiritual successor. To respect the original owners' copyrights, no code from the addons was used. Every port is done from scratch using only properly licensed code.

What people say about this mod

"There are however a few genuine people out there, who make great mods and help raise up the community and bring the platform forward. Daedalus is not one of those. There is no point in arguing with him. I would suggest avoiding his mod." - LexManos

Contained Addons/Credits

(Don't expect all of these to be 100% complete/faithful)

BTWTweak - Grom PE

Deco Addon - kaos78414

Deco Addon - Yhetti

Condensed Outputs - Shinxy

Better Redstone - gyx

Japanese Weapons and Architecture - Eriottosan

Ecksie Trees - Indras

Better with Renewables - warr1024

Sargunster's BTW addon - Sargunster

Rope fences and bridges (concept) - stohun01

Factorization - neptunepink

Factum Opus - Vexatos (Previously)

Better With Wheat (concept) - abominare

 In addition to the above, Better with Addons also comes with content of its own.

 For documentation, refer to the Book of Single from Better with Mods

 Disabled Modules

Some contained modules can be very intrusive and can modify your regular Better with Mods experience significantly. These modules are usually turned off by default, with the option to enable them in the config. These modules are as follows:


Better With Wheat

Changes wheat farming drastically and will break automatic wheatfarms

- Wheat chaff is only used for haybales

- Seeds (grain) are used for flour

- Harvested Wheat must be threshed before it can be replanted/milled

- Potatoes, Beetroots and Carrots require a hoe to harvest effectively, which also consumes durability from the hoe.

Better With Renewables

Allows one to obtain many normally unobtainable materials legit on a skyblock. Skyblock balance may not be what you would want in a normal world.


Rotting Food

Self-explanatory, food rots after a certain number of days. It should still stack sensibly, but there is currently no way to preserve food.


 About BWA and contained addons

Added because of recent events and lack of communication causing some sourness in some involved parties. I feel the need to clarify the purpose of the project:

This is a personal passion project for archiving mod ideas. "Archiving" in this case refers not only to preservation of concepts as text or images, or even as playable in older version, but the ability to play with the concepts in the newest version of Minecraft.

Part of the project is helping authors of older mods porting mods to newer Forge versions, thus...

If you are a mod author whose content I have replicated as part of BWA: It's perfectly fine if you want to take your content back, as long as you are willing to eventually update your content to the newest version. Conversely, it's perfectly fine if you take parts out of BWA and release them as your own.

For the sake of our players: It would be good if we could work together to create ways for seemless migration from BWA to your own mod.

This may not agree with your philosophy, but if you are unwilling to release parts you request removal of yourself, I unfortunately cannot comply with your request.

The most I can do for you is edit any remaining assets you believe are infringing on your work, or add headers to relevant classes to comply with MIT license or similar attribution licenses.

If you would like to protect your work from projects like BWA, consider trademarking and/or patenting your content.


IRC: Espernet / #betterwithmods

Discord: https://discord.gg/b2NxFcU  (Better with Mods discord)