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⚠️ This mod is for Fabric, you can find the Forge version here:

  I don't allow redistribution of my mods! You are not allowed to re-upload my mod to another website.

📦  This mod requires "Library ferret", download it here:

This mod improves the vanilla minecraft villages, each building has been reworked with my build style. chimneys have been added, cobblestone replaced by stone bricks etc ....

Because there is a lot of work, I decided to fragment the work into several versions ... for the first version of the mod, only the village PLAINS is redesigned, the others design vanilla

Progression of the mods:

Already available:

To come in the next versions:

  • Savanna Village.
  • Taiga Village.


Tested with:

  • Waystones 
  • More Villagers 
  • Repurposed Structures 
  • Immersive Engineering (the Engineer's house) 
  • Guard Villagers 
  • Mca reborn
  • Advanced Peripherals
  • PneumaticCraft 
  • Bountyfull (Tested in forge 1.16.5)



Awesome PBR pack !

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