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This mod adds additional enchantments and melee weapons to Minecraft. This puts more strategy to combat since certain weapons are better in certain situations. It also gives players much more possibilities how to enchant their items.






This is a very strong two-hand weapon, but also the slowest. It has much stronger knockback than other weapons and can stun enemy upon hit for a few seconds. And if you are facing multiple enemies... well, you can use the slam attack. Right click on the ground to damage, stun and knock back all enemies around you. It also craks nearby blocks, if they have a cracked version. However, this attack has a long cooldown and costs a lot of durability.

Nunchaku crafting recipe
Nunchaku is a quite weak weapon and it has almost no knockback. However, it's incredibly fast. You can also hold attack key to let it spin and attack automatically with highest possible speed. It can spin indefinitely damagini enemies you are aiming, while it's damage increases over time.
Spinning nunchaku

Dagger crafting recipe
Weaker than sword, but faster and cheaper. Also, if you hit enemy from behind with this weapon, it deals massive amount of extra damage. Ideal in PvP for surprise attacks.

Battle Axe

Normal axe might look like a reasonable weapon, but this two-hand version is certainly better. Not only it can be enchanted as a weapon, but it also deals more damage and can disarm your enemy instead of just disabling shield.
Note: Disarming a non-player entity will usually destroy the disarmed item rather than drop it on the ground to prevent easy farming.


If you do not like enemies getting too close to you, this weapon is the right choice. It can hit enemies on much further distance than other weapons. If this is not enough, you can throw it against enemy. Spears work more like consumables than a proper weapon. It cannot be enchanted, it can stack and it has a chance to break with each use instead of losing durability.

Crossbow crafting recipe
This ranged weapon deals more damage than bow and shoots arrows faster, but takes much longer to charge. When charged, it stays loaded, until player shoots by using it again. This means, that you can be always prepared to shoot for a lot of damage. It uses the same ammo as normal bow.
Crossbow ready to fire


Shield Enchantments:
- Shields can block magic damage as well as normal damage.
Blocking Power - Shields can block more damage.
Reflection - Blocking damages the attacker (similar to thorns).
Weightless - Blocking doesn't slow you down that much, can't be combined with Heavy.
Heavy - Blocking also prevents knockback, can't be combined with Weightless.
Note: Only works on shields from this mod.
Weapon Enchantments:
Vampirism - Dealing damage to another entity heals you.
Penetration - Deals more damage to armored enemies, can't be combined with Sharpness, Smite and Bane of Arthropods.
Education - Multiplies amount of XP dropped by killed creatures. Does not work on bosses, can't be combined with Looting.
Fling - Launches enemies high into air, can't be combined with Knockback.
Assassinate (dagger only) - Increases damage dealt by surprise attack.
Bash (hammer only) - Increases stun chance.
Combo (nunchaku only)
- Increases extra damage if you keep attacking.
Disarm (battleaxe only) - Increases disarm chance.
Tool Enchantments:
Smelting - Smelts smeltable blocks when you mine them, can't be combined with Silk Touch.
Tunneling - Mines more blocks at once.
Diamonds Everywhere - Small chance to get diamonds from any ore, that doesn't drop itself, can't be combined with Fortune and Silk Touch.
Versatility - Increases mining speed if you aren't mining blocks with right tool (like dirt with pickaxe).
Bow Enchantments:
Rapid Fire - Increases drawing speed.
Blast - Shot arrows explode upon impact, can't be combined with Punch.
Multishot - You can shoot multiple arrows at once. Extra arrows aren't consumed, but can't be picked up, can't be combined with Power.
Arrow Recovery - If you hit entity with an arrow, there is a chance, that you get an arrow back, can't be combined with Infinity.
Range - Shot arrows can fly further.
Leggings Enchantments:
Agility - Increases walking/running speed.
Chestplate Enchantments:
Vitality - Increases natural regeneration rate.
Boots Enchantments:
High Jump - Increases jump height.



Potion of blindness - Crafted by brewing awkward potion with ink sack, duration can be increased. Upon drinking applies blindness. It also works on mobs reducing their follow range.
Potion of Decay - Crafted by brewing potion of regeneration with fermented spider eye, duration and strength can be increased. Upon drinking applies wither effect.
Potion of Ender Warp - Crafted by brewing awkward potion with chorus fruit, strength can be increased. Randomly teleports user upon drinking.
Potion of Antiwarp - Crafted by brewing potion of ender warp with fermented sipder eye, duration can be increased. Upon drinking applies effcet, which prevents mobs from teleporting and players from using ender pearls.
Milky Potion - Obtained by taking milk from cauldron to a bottle. Upon drinking removes all potion effect.
Potion of Dispel - Crafted by brewing milky potion with fermented spider eye, removes only good effects.
Potion of Cure - Crafted by brewing milky potion with regular golden apple, removes only bad effects.

You can now put potions and milk into cauldrons. They can be later used for poisoning arrows and
melee weapons by right clicking the cauldron with item you want to poison. Poison on weapon only lasts for limited amount of hits. However, you cannot combine different potions. If you try to add potion to cauldron if there is a different potion already, it is going to explode!





  • Added config gui accessible in mod settings.


  • Updated config file
  • Stats of common materials (copper, bronze etc.) can be edited. These materials are added by bunch mods and each might give it different stats.


  • Fixed some typos in config description.



  • Added support for chitin and dragonbone materials from Ice and Fire mod.


  • Silver weapons now deal extra damage vs undead if you have Ice and Fire mod loaded.
  • Range enchantment now increases initial arrow velocity instead of removing air drag.


  • Fixed crash when non living entity shoots an arrow.
  • Range enchantment no longer causes arrow velocity to grow exponencially.
  • Spears now work as intended when thrown from offhand.



  • Hammer slam attack can now crush more blocks (wool, glass and infested blocks).


  • Explosions caused by blasting enchantment no longer breaks blocks.
  • Blasting and multishot are now mutually exclusive.
  • Changed how penetration works (now (2+lvl)*10% of damage ignores armor).
  • Updated enchantment descriptions.
  • Player's hand no longer swings if he is using nunchakus.


  • Crossbow now appeares fully loaded when it should.
  • Status effects added by this mod now work correctly.
  • Status effects added by this mod now have icons.
  • All enchantments now have description (if you have Enchantment Descriptions mod installed)
  • Nunchakus now spin in multiplayer.
  • Shields now apply attribute modifiers correctly.



  • Attacking with a spear in multiplayer no longer kicks the player
  • Disarmint other player with a battle axe no longer crashes the game.



  • Updated weapon textures, all textures now have 16x16 size.
  • Spear throwing animation removed because of the problems it caused.
  • Spears now act more like consumables (are stackable, have no durability and cannot be enchanted), Impale enchantment removed.
  • Crafting a spear now gives 4 spears instead of 1.
  • Hammer slam attack area now depends on material strength, is much smaller for weaker materials (was too OP for earlygame materials)
  • Hammer stun duration is now always 1 second regardless of material strength (was too OP for certain materials).
  • Most recipes now use JSON.


  • All client side only code is now properly client side only. This should fix server crashes.
  • Nunchaku auto attack no longer kicks players on servers.
  • Spears can no longer auto attack.
  • Slam attack should now properly hit all nearby entities on ground.


  • Invar nunchaku now spins
  • Potion of dispel now spelled correctly
  • Shied cooldown remover
  • Vanilla shears crafting recipe works again

1.3.3 - A lot of bugfixes

  • new enchantment Assassinate (Daggers only, increases damage dealt by surprise attack)
  • new enchantment Bash (Hammers only, increases stun chance)
  • new enchantment Combo (Nunchakus only, increases extra damage if you keep attacking)
  • new enchantment Disarming Strike (Battle Axes only, increases disarm chance)
  • new enchantment Impale (Spears only, increases extra damage dealt while moving fast enough)
  • Nunchakus now deal more damage over time if you keep attacking
  • Disarming on battle axe now works again
  • Dagger now always deals more damage when hitting enemy from behind
  • Applying blindness on a mob no longer crashes game
  • Arrows with special effects (like poisoned arrows) now work well when shot from crossbow
  • Diamonds everywhere enchantment now works on redstone ore
  • Thrown spear no longer always appears as iron spear
  • You can now use buckets to get milk back from cauldron
  • Versatility enchantment only increases mining speed when it should
  • Hammer right click ability now damages entities again
  • All enchantments can be adjusted in the config
  • Sweeping edge enchantment can be no longer applied on daggers and nunchakus

1.3.2 (1.12.1) - only bugfix update

  • Now works on all supported versions (1.12, 1.12.1,...)
  • Vanilla shield recipe can be disabled properly
  • Blocking arrow with shields from this mod will give you the advancement Not today, thanks you
  • Crossmod integration now works as intended
  • Recipe for blindness potion now requires ink sack, not any dye
  • Strong potion of warp is now craftable
  • Hammer right click ability now hits entities properly

1.3.1 - shield update

  • Added my own version of shields (Round shield and big shield, weaker than vanilla shield, but can be enchanted directly)
  • Shield enchantments now only work on my custom shields
  • New enchantment- Spellproof (Shields can block magic damage as well as normal damage)
  • New enchantment- Blocking Power (Shields can block more damage)
  • Heavy enchantment works once again


  • New bow enchantment- Multishot (Allows you to shoot multiple arrows at once)
  • New bow enchantment- Blast (Arrows explode upon impact)
  • New bow enchantment- Arrow Recovery (You have a chance to get your arrows back if you hit an entity)
  • New bow enchantment- Range (Arrows fly further)
  • New weapon- Crossbow (Takes long time to load, when loaded it can fire instantly)
  • New potion- Milky Potion (Removes all effects from user)
  • New potion- Potion of Dispel (Removes good effects from user)
  • New potion- Potion of Cure (Removes bad effects from user)
  • New potion- Potion of Ender Warp (Teleports user randomly)
  • New potion- Potion of Antiwarp (Gives user effect preventing teleportation)
  • New potion- Potion of Decay (Gives user wither effect)
  • New potion- Potion of Blindness (Gives user blindness)
  • Blindness works on mobs as well
  • You can put potions into caldrons (Works with any potion, but you cannot mix different potions)
  • You can poison arrows and melee weapons by right clicking with them on cauldron filled with potion
  • Spears can now be thrown (If spear hits a living creature, it will be dropped upon it's death)
  • Education enchantment rebalanced, now multiplies amount of experience you get instead of giving you extra fix amount
  • Hammer right click ability can break some blocks
  • Two-hand weapons can be only used while in main hand
  • Damage dealt by spear now depends on your movement speed (the faster you move, the more damage you deal)
  • Weapons from this mod can be found in dungeon chests
  • Fixed crash with some other mods
  • Mining speed is now corrected


  • Fixed crash on servers upon initialization


  • Daggers added (weak, but fast and cheap, deal additional damage when hitting enemy from behind)
  • Nunchakus added (very weak and almost none knockback, but also very fast, hold left mouse button to auto attack)
  • Hammers now deal less damage, but have bigger knockback and can stun enemy
  • Spears, hammers and battleaxes now require both hands (will be much weaker when combined with offhand item and cannot be held in offhand)
  • Shields now have short cooldown when equipped (to prevent quick switching between shield and offhand weapon)
  • All melee weapons (even from other mods) now can be poisoned (combine them with any bad potion on anvil)
  • Enchantment max level can be modified in config
  • Enchantments can now be properly disabled (by setting max level to 0)
  • Some enchantments slightly adjusted to work well even when level is higher than default maximum
  • Penetration enchantment now reduces enemy armor upon hit, rather than increasing dealt damage
  • Tunneling enchantment now works well with loot effecting enchantments (like fortune) and can be combined with them
  • Hopefully fixed all crossmod integration problems


  • Fixed bug, that mod crashes the game if some material is added by more than one other mods


  • Added compatibility with some materials from different mods (copper, bronze, aluminium, invar, steel, electrum, platinum, lumium, signalum, enderium)
  • Hammer slam attack now deals proper damage
  • Shield enchantments now work in both hands properly
  • Removed heavy enchantment (in 1.11 shields prevent knockback from most attacks by default)
  • Sweeping edge enchantment cannot be applied on weapons from this mod (they do not have sweeping attack at all)


  • Updated to MC 1.11.2
  • Chance, that item gets dropped upon disarming, now depends on item dropchance
  • Vampirism and fling enchantments nerfed


  • Fixed disarm chance on the battle axe
  • Updated mod info



Mod Pack Policy

You can add this mod to any public or private modpack you want. You just have to properly credit the author, Mujmajnkraft.