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Better Suggestions

Provides more/better suggestions for Minecraft commands.

Requires Fabric API and Cloth Config


  • Highlight entity selected in suggestion.
  • Suggest nearby entities along with the one you're looking at.
  • Configurable number of shown suggestions.
  • Ctrl + Up/Down key to scroll an entire page of suggestions at once.
  • Display entity name in suggestions.
  • Display entity tags, scoreboard values and other info in tooltip. (Requires mod on server to display scores)
  • Add suggestions for score holder argument. (used in /team and /scoreboard)
  • Show suggestion tooltip while holding Shift.
  • Suggest random UUID for attributes.
  • Coordinates alignment suggestions. (/execute align <xyz>)
  • JSON Text argument suggestions. (/tellraw, /title)
  • Configurable prioritized suggestions. (Applies to /data, /tellraw and minecraft:barrier by default)
  • Hide functions prefixed with _. (Disabled by default)
  • Remember command when closing chat using Escape key. (Disabled by default)