Better Respawn (The Death of Mindthemoods)

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Mindthemoods? More like Burnthebeds...

A relatively simple mod, removes respawn functionality from beds; and adds respawn functionality to spawners; which can be collected, repaired, and charged with EXP to set a respawn point. 

(In the latest version this is built into the mod; but if you're using older versions, you can use the following datapack to override broken advancements related to beds. You can find it here, on Mcreator.)



 Beds still skip the night, but no longer set the player’s respawn point. 

    • Sleeping no longer affects respawning in any way, and beds no longer explode in the Netherworld or End.
    • Existing Respawn Anchors are removed from the game.


Breaking any spawner now drops a ‘Broken Anchor,’ which can be repaired using iron and obsidian, to create a Memory Anchor.’ 

    • Upon respawning from an anchor, the player is briefly inflicted with negative status effects, (but not as severely as a regular anchor.) Memory anchors have a 60% chance of deactivating when a player respawns by them. …This isn’t great, but respawning without an anchor gives a longer duration of these status effects.
    • You can manually deactivate an anchor using an empty bottle, which yields a bottle o’ enchanting.
    • If your anchor is broken or manually deactivated, you will still respawn there one more time before your respawn point becomes unbound. 
    • Using an anchor in the wrong dimension, or breaking a charged anchor causes it to explode, dropping experience orbs.


Upgrade a Memory Anchor using Prismarine Shards and Crying Obsidian to create an 'Abzu Anchor,' which functions exclusively underwater, and grants a brief bit of Water breathing upon respawning, without most of the usual side effects. 

    • The Abzu anchor is also less likely to deactivate upon respawning. 
    • Requires nearby water or bubble columns to function.


Upgrade a Memory Anchor using Gold and Crying Obsidian to create a 'Duat Anchor,' which functions exclusively in the Nether, and grants a brief bit of fire resistance upon respawning, without as much side effects.

    • However, the Duat Anchor requires twice as much experience to charge, (a little under eight levels.) 


Lastly, upgrade a Duat Anchor using Ancient Debris and Chorus Fruit to create a 'Khaos Anchor, which functions exclusively in the End, granting the least side effects, and the highest likelihood of remaining charged upon respawn.



    • Players now save several new variables; including the location of their spawnpoint, the location of the anchor they're bound to, and the dimension of the anchor they're bound to.
    • When a player respawns, the game immedieately switches their dimension to that of the anchor, and teleports them to their bound location.
    • When an anchor depletes after being used, is drained using a bottle, or destroyed, it checks all players and resets these variables if their anchor location matches that of the block, and sends them a message making note of this.



Strange Dreams ~ Replaces 'Sweet Dreams,' and is obtained by successfully setting a respawn point using a Memory Anchor

Sister Location ~ Replaces 'Not Quite Nine Lives,' and is obtained by successfully setting a respawn point using a Duat Anchor

Adventuring Time ~ Slightly modified child advancement of Strange Dreams; now requires that all biomes be explored; on foot. (But is slightly less picky about sub-biome requirements.)