Better Enchanted Books (Fabric)

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Better Enchanted Books

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This is a mod that adds a couple of quality of life features into the Vanilla+ experience in Minecraft. It is 100% client sided, so the server doesn't need to have the mod installed for it to work. I'll try to keep everything as customizable as possible.



  • Sort the enchantments in a tooltip, you can manually make your desired order or just alphabetically sort it;
  • Assign custom colors to each enchantment and those will display in as the color of the strip on Enchanted Books.
  • Disable glint on enchanted books (Configurable).
  • Show which items each enchantment can be applied to in it's tooltip (Configurable)


  • Mod Menu is not necessary but recommended and the only way to change any settings ingame.


Please read it at licence.


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