Better Boilers

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Better Boilers


Better Boilers features multiblock Boilers and Turbines for generating steam and converting steam into power. 

The focus of this mod is make highly modular multiblocks with only loose rules players need to conform to.
The goal is efficient, minimal lag multiblocks and power generation with as much immersion as possible, that are compatible with as many tech mods as possible.


Right now I am working on a new codebase to not only solve the bugs and issues in this current build of Better Boilers (We need better multiblock scanning code), but to also allow me to easily implement new features, improve mod compatibility, allow extension mods to be made by others and also to allow this to be easily ported to newer versions of minecraft. 

I am aiming for the following minecraft versions to be fully supported:

Work for the time being is in the 1.12.2 MC to continue legacy support and overhaul the mod.

My current plans are as follows (not in any order):

  • Add Liquid Fuel Boiler
  • Add passive heat boilers (So if another block emits heat, or lava source blocks underneath it heats the boiler bricks allowing it to make steam)
  • Better Steam output from boilers
  • Make it easier to connect pipes etc. to boiler
  • Add tooltips etc. for JEI to help explain the components/JEI and similar support.
  • Add an in-game manual
  • Make Turbine crafting recipes
  • Simplify the Turbine Multiblock
  • Add different materials/textured components for optional changes
  • Improve mod compatibility with IC2, Thermal Mechanics and Immersive Engineering
  • Integration with Ecology (also maybe Soot?) Mod if present so that Boilers produce pollution
  • Add pressure system from Railcraft Boilers (Should be in the Core API instead). Remove Pump and Steam Vent, replace with Low Pressure and High Pressure Valves that output steam at different rates. Implement a Valve tier system so that height placement relative to the Boiler Tanks affects the built up steam levels required to output steam at
  • Placeable gauges that give immediate feedback on steam pressure, boiler temperatures etc - Compatibility with Gauges and Switches mod.
  • Add Steam powered Minecraft Piston and Steam Powered Sticky Piston
  • Add small steam piston multiblock (1x2x1). Steam can be piped in from any source . Outputs Rotational/Torque Force via an integrated gearbox. - Only available if Mystical Mechanics API is also present. Also supports Ancient Warfare Torque system. Multiblock will be a steam powered Piston with a Clutch/Gear box on top (haven't decided). Small and easy to replicate many of them for a real industrial feel.
  • Add a large multi block magnetic turbine to more efficiently convert Rotational/Torque Energy to RF/Forge Energy etc. - This will mean the existing turbine will become more complex and more high end.
  • Allow Control blocks to interface with other mods better for data sharing (such as OpenComputers etc.)

To make this easier on me I have setup a new project Better Mechanics Core API. This will become a required dependency from version 2.0 onwards.

Better Boilers is included in a Gaiyamato's Mechanical Archives Modpack 

Join me in the discord for mod support.


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