Better Advancements

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Filename BetterAdvancements-1.16.5-
Uploaded by way2muchnoise
Uploaded Jul 25, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 61.79 KB
Downloads 42,192
MD5 0c54029797058cdcca4997e58c748ada
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


[e08c81a] fix readme (way2muchnoise)
[70682d4] fix readme with new travis link and removed bintray (way2muchnoise)
[f414b45] remove bintray upload as the service is dead (way2muchnoise)
[162d6fa] bump version (way2muchnoise)
[dd44024] move to official mappings (way2muchnoise)
[d7f22a4] update to latest mappings and stable forge (way2muchnoise)
[a402bfb] fix alphabetical order, fixes #94 (way2muchnoise)
[6e3c878] Mark mod as client only and not needed on the server (way2muchnoise)
[ffc4324] bump to 1.16.5 (way2muchnoise)
[d2b6a67] bump to recommended forge (way2muchnoise)
[1bfa37e] port to 1.16.4 (way2muchnoise)
[1b10708] update to recommended forge (way2muchnoise)
[7a8ec49] port to 1.16.2 (way2muchnoise)
[4676a99] port to 1.16 (way2muchnoise)
[af8204b] fixes UI bug, fixes #83 (way2muchnoise)
[9b95a6f] update forge and mappings (way2muchnoise)
[720ba0f] fixes sorting, fixes #82 (way2muchnoise)
[782332d] update to 1.15.2 (way2muchnoise)
[23c9546] inital port to 1.15 (way2muchnoise)
[e1da3d5] Create FUNDING.yml (GitHub)
[64d96dc] Add compatibility with PGA mod (#79) (way2muchnoise)
[e2ae820] fixes #71 (way2muchnoise)
[adb71a8] only load on client side, fixes #70 (way2muchnoise)
[8e3c3a2] fixes #72 (way2muchnoise)
[84c34c2] Updated to 1.14.4 and uses the config system properly (#68) (way2muchnoise)
[cb49919] Fixed accesstransformer to work outside of dev (#67) (way2muchnoise)
[7565f81] switch travis to openjdk (way2muchnoise)
[5519275] initial port to 1.14.2 (way2muchnoise)
[42d8f67] bump to latest forge (way2muchnoise)
[8f663de] update bintray plugin (way2muchnoise)
[45d3b4a] initial port to 1.13.2 (way2muchnoise)
[d425d73] changes how textures are used and when recolouring is applied, #24 (way2muchnoise)
[ad21cb6] bump versions (way2muchnoise)
[21b79d3] fixes textures of titles on wide screens, fixes #56 (way2muchnoise)
[87583c1] add option to have button in inventory to open advancements, implements #55 (way2muchnoise)
[52e41ac] draw criteria off screen when list is larger than screen (way2muchnoise)
[8f60174] change criterion grid layout calculation, #56 (way2muchnoise)
[8408c81] minor tweak to how description lines are formattted, fixes #48 (way2muchnoise)
[1e58edd] add ui scaling option, implements #28 (way2muchnoise)
[94dc865] bump version (way2muchnoise)
[a96750e] add options to alphabetically sort tabs, implements #51 (way2muchnoise)
[396967f] fixes some rendering issue when moving around in the tabs (way2muchnoise)
[f709cde] criteria showing can now be Off, Default, Spoiler or All. Implements #53 (way2muchnoise)
[f2fc500] bump forge and mappings (way2muchnoise)
[f0cd776] Change criteria formatting to be done with TextComponentString. (#50) (way2muchnoise)
[866255f] Fix criteria detail strings not rendering the formatting properly outside dev env. (#47) (way2muchnoise)
[4e76fb3] Add guide lines when dragging advancements for any advancements at 45 or 90 degree angles. (#46) (way2muchnoise)
[d8fc884] If an advancement is being dragged, do not render tooltips. (#45) (way2muchnoise)
[cd6bd69] Display tracking info for criteria (#43) (way2muchnoise)
[eb6e420] Allow advancements to be dragged in the gui and fire an event when the mouse is released (#41) (way2muchnoise)

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