Belly Button

5,562 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 8, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +2

Welcome to Belly Button, a mod that adds a few almost-useless features nobody asked for! 


- Belly Button, rarely obtained from killing villagers

- Lint, rarely obtained from using a belly button 

- Vacuum Cleaner, can be crafted or bought from a wandering trader

- Lint Carpet, crafted from 2 blocks of lint

- Block of Lint, crafted from 4 lint

- Dust Bunny, spawns in Woodland Mansions and can be picked up as an item with the vacuum cleaner

- Maid, spawns in woodland mansions and attacks players

- Maid Armor, a rare drop from the maid

- Lint Sweater, crafted from lint

- Evil Dust Bunny, summoned by the maid, attacks the player and gives the itchy effect

- Itchy, a new effect that damages the player over time


This mod is for Forge. For the fabric version, click here 


If you find any issues, let us know in the comments.


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