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 Things to behold within as of now 

Ores, Blocks, Decoration Blocks, Weapons, Tools, Food, MobsArmor, Essence Thief (Used to activate Crystal Dimension Portal and to gather Heart Tokens), Crystal Biome/Dimension. (A beautiful place to live).

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Celestine Ore

Celestine Decoration Block

Celestine Bricks

Celestine Pillar

Celestine Gem (Used in lots of crafting recipes)

Celess Seed

Celess Plant - (Right-Click Harvestable)

Celestine Armor

Celestine Tools

Celestine Sword


Rhodonite Ore

Rhodonite Decoration Block

Rhodonite Bricks

Rhodonite Pillar

Rhodonite Gem (Can be used as a powerful fuel)

Rhodonite Armor

Rhodonite Tools

Rhodonite Sword


Orpiment Ore

Orpiment Decoration Block (Crystal Dimension Portal Frame)

Orpiment Bricks

Orpiment Pillar

Orpiment Gem

Orpiment Armor

Orpiment Tools

Orpiment Sword


Cantorite Ore

Cantorite Lump

Cantorite Ingot

Cantorite Armor

Cantorite Tools

Cantorite Sword


Fellorite Ore

Ground Fellorite

Fellorite Ingot

Fellorite Armor

Fellorite Tools

Fellorite Sword

Usable Blocks:

Storage Crate

Super Smelter

Unused Blocks: (Future Release)

Crystal Stone

Crystal Dirt

Crystal Celestine Ore

More to come...


FigBeet (Hits Like a Truck!)



Essence Fragment Base

Essence Fragment Top

Heart Token

Essence Thief

Bucket O' Essence


FigBeet Meat

Celess Fruit

Peach (Craftable Only atm)


Peach Cobbler (Craftable Only atm)


Crystal Dimension (Under Construction, still works)



Crystal Biome (Super Rare)


BeerTwerks has been compatible with all mods that I have tried it with so far. If you do happen to run into any issues please let me know. If you want to use it in a modpack go for it and have fun, just simply link to this page and give me credit.


This is the only site that has my permission to redistribute this mod. If you see it somewhere else, I don't recommend downloading it. Curse is the sole distribution site for this mod.


I would like to thank Shinoow for his help and patience


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