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          BedrockWaters Fabric API

This QOL mod simply ports over the Minecraft Bedrock Edition exclusive feature of biome specific water colors and fog distances in order to give each biome a more unique atmosphere (over 70 unique colors spanning across all biomes!). The mod additionally changes the texture of still and flowing water to match their Bedrock Edition counterpart. The mod's purpose is simply aesthetic and has no other features besides the aforementioned ones (although it feels like a more significant change in-game). All changed biome water colors can be found on the Minecraft Wiki here.

While BedrockWaters stays true to the biome water color properties from Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there are a few small tweaks I added to help keep everything cohesive on Java Edition vanilla and modded:

  • Modded biomes using the default vanilla water color have their water color replaced with a unique color from Bedrock Edition which is accurate to its temperature as well as overall climate!

    • Since some biomes now have drastically different underwater fog distances (e.g Ocean biomes with a fog distance of 60 blocks versus Swamp biomes with a fog distance of 30), the vanilla underwater fog transition system has been reworked to provide smooth transitions between changing fog distances.

    • Bedrock Edition water still and flow textures have been added to replace the existing Vanilla textures.




Desert Biome


Mushroom Fields Biome


Giant Spruce Taiga Biome


Nether Wastes Biome


Bedrock Edition Water Textures


Smooth Underwater Fog Transition


  • Shout out to @Afrocntrik for the in-game icon!
  • @TelepathicGrunt for helping make this mod fully client side!
  • Mojang for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition water textures.