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Welcome to Beasts, a mod that aims to add more fun, unique creatures to the game.


We are currently in need of programmers! If you are able to help us out, please DM me on Discord! (Coda#1552)


Current Features:

- The Dried Reef, a new biome, themed around coral reef... with a twist!

- 13 creatures

- New foods

- New equipment


Planned Features:

- More unique creatures and features

- Quality of Life tweaks to make the mod feel more immersive.

- An in-game guide book



Anemone Crawlers
- Passive
- Can be bred with any vanilla raw meat (excluding fish)
- Rarely produce meat scraps when bred


- Hostile until attacked (unless spawned with a spawn egg or commands)

- Spawn from cutting down coral, vanilla logs, or chorus plants

Coconut Crab
- Spawn around palm trees, buried in the sand

- Attack the player if provoked

- Drops Crab Legs and Coconuts

Giant Garden Eels

- Spawn in groups in the dried reef

- Attack anything that gets too close (other than other garden eels)


Can be sheared for coral, and tamed with coconut milk

- Once sheared, a saddle can be equipped and they can be ridden


- Legfish have 12 variants, based on real fish


- Can be tamed with Leafy Bones

- Will float up into the air when attacked

- They seem to enjoy music...

- Scallops fly through the air and attack the player, making a snapping noise

- Drop Scallops Tongue and Shell Blocks

Skewer Shrimp

- Skewer Shrimp attack in groups and drop shrimp

Vile Eel

- Spawn in caves under the Dried Reef

- Vile Eels attack almost anything and will pick their prey up in its mouth.


Warning: Incorrect syntax/values in the config will crash the game! Make sure not to mess it up! 




Come join us on Discord!



Team Members: 

Coda - Modelling, Texturing

Mubbs - Modelling, Texturing

HoboJoe - Modelling, Texturing

MoonlitLamps - Texturing
Arobazzz - Texturing

D4RSORC - Coding
SoggyMustache - Coding

Ms. Random - Coding


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