2,975 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 12, 2020 Game Version: Forge

Thank you all for 2,500 downloads! In return, we have showcased a new creature on our Discord. Go check it out!

Welcome to Beasts, a mod that aims to add more fun, unique creatures to the game.


Current Features:

- The Dried Reef, a new biome, themed around coral reef... with a twist!

- 13 creatures

- New foods

- New equipment


Planned Features:

- More unique creatures and features

- Quality of Life tweaks to make the mod feel more immersive.

- An in-game guide book



Anemone Crawlers
- Passive
- Can be bred with any vanilla raw meat (excluding fish)
- Rarely produce meat scraps when bred

Coral Branchies

- Hostile until attacked (unless spawned with a spawn egg or commands)

- Spawn from cutting down coral

Coconut Crab
- Spawn around palm trees, buried in the sand

- Attack the player if provoked

- Drops Crab Legs and Coconuts

Giant Garden Eels

- Spawn in groups in the dried reef

- Attack anything that gets too close (other than other garden eels)


Can be sheared for coral, and tamed with coconut milk

- Once sheared, a saddle can be equipped and they can be ridden


- Legfish have 12 variants, based on real fish


- Can be tamed with Leafy Bones

- Will float up into the air when attacked

- They seem to enjoy music...

- Scallops fly through the air and attack the player, making a snapping noise

- Drop Scallops Tongue and Shell Blocks

Skewer Shrimp

- Skewer Shrimp attack in groups and drop shrimp

Vile Eel

- Spawn in caves under the Dried Reef

- Vile Eels attack almost anything and will pick their prey up in its mouth.


Warning: Incorrect syntax/values in the config will crash the game! Make sure not to mess it up! 




Come join us on Discord!



Team Members: 

Coda - Modelling, Texturing

Mubbs - Modelling, Texturing

HoboJoe - Modelling, Texturing

MoonlitLamps - Texturing
Arobazzz - Texturing

D4RSORC - Coding
SoggyMustache - Coding

Ms. Random - Coding


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