Beacons For All (Forge)

235,632 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 21, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This project is for the Forge mod loader. To see its counterpart for the Fabric mod loader, please go here.


Beacons For All is a mod that allows beacons to affect more than just players. Through the configuration file, users can set whether beacons will also affect tamed mobs, passive mobs, or all mobs. All beacon effects that would apply to nearby players will then also apply to nearby mobs of the specified type.

This mod is required server-side and optional client-side.

Configuration Options:

Creature Type - Specify whether beacons can affect all tamed creatures, all passive creatures, or any creature.
Creature List - Specify specific creatures that can be affected by beacons.


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