Bard Mania

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This mod adds playable musical instruments that you can play from a computer keyboard or an attached MIDI keyboard. It is currently in early development.. The playable range is two octaves.

Alpha releases are intended to gather player feed back. Please exercise caution and backup your worlds before trying it out.

Depends On 

Bard Mania depends on the Obfuscate library.


Features Planned and/or already implemented

  • Animated player movements
    • Equip and remove instrument.
    • Play animation. The arms move when notes are played.
  • Multiplayer support (What better way to impress your friends with your virtuoso musical skills!)
  • To do: Musical instrument inspired MOBS that players will need to hunt and kill to get  materials for crafting instruments.
  • To do: Improve MIDI options. Allow selecting the input device and saving it.
  • Possible: 3-4 octave range depending on instrument. Requires multiple sound files per instrument.
  • To do: more instruments.
  • To do: Recipes and Achievements. Use Creative or give yourself instruments.
    /give <player> bard_mania:banjo
  • To do: Your reasonable requests.


  • Musical NPC
  • ABC Music
  • Add instruments: Lute, Kazoo, Guitar 
  • Add configurable key binds to allow play during free movement #11
    • Option: Execute a command after a certain combination of notes

Implemented Requests

  • 2018-07-24: [E_Icy_Two] When playing music, parrots around the player will dance.
  • 2018-08-29: [Snownee] Localize the model setup and play midi GUI's
  • 2018-08-29: #3 Sustained notes for recorder and flute.
  • 2018-09-07: #6 Fade out background music when player begins playing.

Instruments for Alpha Release


banjo F#3 to F#5
flute F#4 to F#6
marching drums --
lyre  F#4 to F#6
recorder  F#4 to F#6
xylophone  F#4 to F#6


Playing Instruments

Hold the instrument in the players main hand.

  • Right-Click to equip the instrument for playing
    • PC Keyboard Mode (default) - GUI opens, then press the keys on the PC keyboard or mouse over the key names and left-click them to play. Press the 'Esc' key to exit the GUI.
    • MIDI Mode - If your PC and MIDI keyboard are setup correctly just play normally. To stop playing either switch to another hot-bar slot, or Right-Click to unequip the instrument. 
  • Shift-Right-Click toggles the input mode between MIDI and PC Keyboard.

The volume level of the instruments is adjusted using the Players volume slider in the Minecraft Options | Music & Sounds dialog.

MIDI Support

The MIDI implementation in this mod is promiscuous. When active the mod opens any non-sequencer devices and listens on all channels. This can can be adjusted via the mod configuration GUI or file.

  • MIDI note range is 49-72 (2 octaves mapped to the Minecraft key of F#. See table above.)
  • MIDI channels 1-16
  • I use KeyStation 49 and MidiPlus AKM320 keyboard controllers for testing.

Known Issues

  • Third-person view rendering and/or animation artifacts when switching between instruments.
  • Incomplete main as left-hand support for the flute.


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