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Bandits target players and fight back, use a full set of iron, and have a chance for their items to be enchanted.


When a player lingers within a space of one block for 8 seconds, a bandit spawns, falling from the sky and landing 20 - 0 blocks from the player. This 8-second spawn timer repeats endlessly.


An amount increases by 20 plus 1/5th of the current amount after every twenty minutes. It decreases by 1 when a bandit spawns, and prevents bandits from spawning when it reaches 0. It begins at 60 at the start of a world.


Bandits don't despawn, see as far as 60 blocks, and drop 0 items and 15 xp.


(Ambushes or bandit spawning is enabled by default.)
(Bandit mining is enabled by default.)


(x = Easy/Normal/Hard)
Chance rolling for each enchantment = 10%/30%/50%
Weapon damage = 2/4/7 hearts
Breaking time = the block's hardness times 5/1/.5 in ticks


They don't drop the blocks they break.


Sharpness, Knockback, Fire Aspect, Protection, Fire Protection, Blast Protection, Projectile Protection, Feather Falling, Depth Strider, Frost Walker, and Thorns.

Shoutout to Jimmity for the skin which I changed up a bit.


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