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Balanced Crates



📖 About Balanced Crates: This mod adds new vanilla-friendly crate blocks. Crates have large amounts of storage compared to single chests. Crates can also be used as building blocks/decorations. Crates are designed to be vanilla-friendly chest alternatives that allow compact storage. Crates come in every wood type.


📦Storage Applications: While a single chest has 27 slots, crates have 60 slots of inventory space! This allows for highly  compacted storage. Right-clicking on a create will manually open it, allowing any player to take from, it's inventory, A player will be able to tell if a create is open when the top  lid is removed. A crate can be closed by pressing the "Close Crate" button within the crate's GUI.


🏠Decorative Applications: Crates can easily be used as decorative blocks in many situations. a crate's texture is based upon what wood type is used to craft it, giving the player more option when building with wood. A crate can also be rotated much like a furnace, allowing the player to create patterns. A crate's open state can also be used in many ways.


🔌Redstone Applications: Being storage blocks, crates can be used in place of a chest in any redstone situation where a chest might be needed. This allows for higher amounts of storage and enables the player to make much more compact machines.







If you experience any problems while using this mod let me know through the issue tracker. If you have any feature suggestions let me know in the comments! You can use this mod in modpacks. This mod is not allowed to be redistributed. This mod will be updated to the next Minecraft version. This mod is a Forge only mod for the time being.